Volunteers are a very important part of this event. We asked to Alice to describe what is her job on the event and how goes a match serie.

Hi Alice, I’d like to know more about match series, can you tell us what is it ?
– It’s quite simple, a serie is a group of matchs that qualifies the teams for the 8th final with their scores. Each team goes on 5 series.

How long is a match ?
– A match is 100 seconds long, but before the teams have 3 minutes to get ready. At the end of a match, the arbitres count the points. Meanwhile the teams have no right to touch their robot.

Can you tell us what is your role ?
– My “job” on the event is called “Cheffe Ange” (Chief Angel). It is about to guide the teams behind the scene, to make them queuing to each match. My role is to fluidificate the event by asking to Angels to guide the teams behind the scene, and let the competition going on by the placement of the teams on the scene.

Alice, since when are you volunteering on this event ?
– I began volunteering in 2016, and in 2020 I became “Cheffe Ange” (Chief of the Angels).

Thank you Alice for your implication, and good luck !