Farming Mars 🌱 – Rules 2024 !


Click on the button below to read the rules in English. You may find a translated version of the rules on the website of your local National Organization Committee.

Playground 3D files

To help your understanding of the rules, you can find a 3D modelisation on the link below.

Note: These items are in beta and may still change

These files are models offered as an illustration resource for your simulation or CAD.

These are NOT the game item crafting files
(see below)

Playground mat

Like last year, we will use an adhesive mat for all our robotics contests. In order to offer you solutions that are always easier to set up, and to give the same chances for everyone, we have reviewed the floor of the playground. This is now a vinyl mat covered with a non-slip monomer. By purchasing the model according to the procedure below you will have the same coating as the tables during the Eurobot contest.

Find the files used for the decor of the play mat here :

Please note that the files are adapted to the needs of our printer.

You are now autonomous to buy your playmate. You are free to choose any supplier, if you want to go through the same procedure as us : How to order you playmate for Eurobot.

Game elements manufacturing files

3D printable versions of game elements are offered in the rules.

These versions of game elements were designed to be as close as possible to commercial game elements. However, differences may be present.

The organization is committed as much as possible to providing the commercial version of the game element. The second version, printed in 3D, is present in the case if supply is no longer possible at the time of the official meetings.



You can become a volunteer for the Eurobot finals in France by using the registration link bellow.