The first French Robotics Contest was created by the French association Planète Sciences and the producer company VM Group in 1994. It soon was hosted in the town of La Ferté Bernard which become a key partner for the contest.
In 1998, to answer to the request of our Swiss partners, the first international Eurobot contest was created. Soon other national contests developed and more and more countries participated.
The Eurobot Assocation is an international organization created in May 2004 and registered in France. It was born 6 years after the Eurobot Contest to structure the organization of this growing contest, and to favor the spirit of exchange and co-operation between the different organizers.
The object of Eurobot is to foster and develop interest in robotics in young people on an international scale. To reach this goal, it promotes and organizes the national qualifications and the international final for the Eurobot robotics contest.