Sail the World – 2021: the rules are available!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all meetings were cancelled in 2020. The 2020 rules have therefore been republished with some minor changes. The main novelty is the creation of a new zone: the shoal zone, with some new buoys.

Click here to read the rules in English. You may find a translated version of the rules on the website of your local National Organization Committee, but remember that only the French version is official. Also find below the changelog and a checklist for approvals.

And find other useful documents:

You can also download the CAD files of the playing area, in STEP and F3Z formats.

Like last year, we will use an adhesive mat for all our robotics contests. In order to offer you solutions that are always easier to set up, and to give the same chances for everyone, we have reviewed the floor of the playground. This is now a vinyl mat covered with a non-slip monomer. By purchasing the model according to the procedure below you will have the same coating as the tables during the Eurobot contest.

The printable file for the playing area mat is now available. Find the files used for the decor of the play mat. All the playmat ordered in 2020 will work in 2021, except for the shoal area (a thin circular arc may be drawn manually). Please note that the files are adapted to the needs of our printer
Click here to download the printable files

You are now autonomous to buy your playmate. You are free to choose any supplier, but if you want to go through the same as us, we provide you this procedure: How to order you playmate for Eurobot. For all country, you can buy the playing area mat on the website Pixart Printing.