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If I well understood, the rules committee expects the participants to suggest some scores for each actions to see if the score balancing they plan is good or not. So I launch the topic here.

As a reminder here are all the points a robot can score:
• P1 points per validated plant in a suitable area
• P2 extra points if the validated plant is in a pot
• P3 points for each panel valid for the team
• P4 points per team drop zone occupied by at least one Ladybug at the end of the match
• P5 extra points per team drop zone in which at least one ladybug is in contact with a plant or a pot containing a plant at the end of the match
• P6 points if team’s robot is in its own valid area
• P7 points for a perfect estimation

If we want to compute the maximum score with half of all elements of the table, we have:
- 18 plants
- 18 pots
- 4 or 5 solar panels (let's take 4)
- 6 areas for laybugs

Reminder of the rules commitee: Score must be easy to count and the action with the lowest score must have a score of 1 point.

My suggestion:
• P1 = 1 point   => max 18 points
• P2 = 1 point   => max 18 points
• P3 = 3 points => max 12 points
• P4 = 3 points => max 18 points
• P5 = 2 points => max 12 points
• P6 = 10 points => max 10 points
• P7 = 30 points  (approximately 1/3 of the maximum score which is here 18 + 18 + 12 + 18 + 12 + 10 = 88 points)

P1 + P2 = 2 points => easy to count
P4 + P5 = 5 points => easy to count

Maximum points for plants (36 points) is approximately equal to the maximum points for ladybugs (30 points). I think teams will put efforts designing PAMI so this effort must be rewarded.
Maximum points for plants (36 points) is superior to the maximum points for solar panels (12 points) which to my opinion is an easier action to do.

I invite other teams to make their own suggestion.



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Thanks but the balancing proposal must be done on the website : www.eurobot.org/balancing_proposal
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