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First question: Does it apply if a plant is put in the pot that stand inside the other and this combination is put to the dropping area or the planters?

Second question: Does it apply when the plant is crooked in the pot?



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Hello Michael,

Yes, you can pot more than 1 pot under the plant as long as the plant and the pot are upright. So no, you cannot put a plant crooked in a pot.

We will clarify the rule this way.


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So if I well understood, putting a plant in 2 pots in a dropping area or in a planter scores some points.
In section D5, the rules says "To be considered valid for a team, a plant must be upright and any part of its contact surface, or its pot, with the ground of a drop-off area or the bottom of a planter for the same team."
According to this sentence, the pot containing the plant is not in contact with the ground because of the second pot.

If this combination is valid, how many points does it scores ? P1 + P2 or P1 + 2 * P2 ?


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