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Sorry to bother you again,

But I have some questions about the ladybugs that needs confirmation:

1.  Can we put the aruco tags on opponents’ landybugs?

2. Do we get extra points from touching plants and being in the “planters” ?

3. Does it count 5 points when there’s no plant in the drop-area/planters but the vertical projection of the robot is in them?


Will Chang

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Thanks for your question.

  1. No you cannot put anything on the opponents SIMA.
  2. The planters are being counted the same way as the drop areas are being counted for the SIMA points. You might even get Lucky by being in a drop zone and a planter at the same time.
  3. It is worth 5 points if a SIMA is inside the drop area or planter (vertical projection, partially is fine). (As it is stated in the rules). only if that is true, referees will check if it touches a plant (and if it suffices the rules, you’ll get the additional points).
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