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Hi, The rules (Eurobot Junior) seem a bit vague to me on this point as the preloaded cherries are mentionned in the "cherry on the cake" part and not in the basket part. Can we use the 10 prefilled cherries for the basket action or is it mandatory to use them for the cakes ? Thanks in advance, Best,

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Good Afternoon,

The used of the preloaded cherries is free, you can load as you want (4 cherries in one robot and 6 in the other) and you can put everywhere you want (on cake or in the basket, but not on the referees).

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Hello, with your answer, I suppose there is an error on page 9 when it says that you can pre-load 20 cherries in the robots? Personally, I had understood that you can load 10 cherries per robot.

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