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We have the following question. We are one of the biggest university in our country that spanes in more than 2 metropolitan citys and in 3 other major cities. We have over 15 departments. This is why we ask if its possible to have 2 teams that are from the same university but from a different department and of course with different people involved and different academical tutors involved.

Thanks in andvance.

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I don't think there is a problem. Some teams are even from the same department

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You can have as many teams as you want, the only limitation is that each team should have at least 2 members. The same university can have 2 teams from the same department or a joined team between two campuses. It depends on your ressources.

Also each country who has more than 3 teams must organise a national qualification to select 3 teams to represent said country at Eurobot contest. This qualification round should be organised by a national committee (from university, association or another organism) registered as in the Eurobot consortium. There are already 11 committes, list here: https://www.eurobot.org/contacts/ .

For more information you can email at contact@eurobot.org and a volunteer (like me) will answer.
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