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Y a-t-il des pénalités d'envisagées si un ou plusieurs PAMI entrent en collision avec le robot adverse ?
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Règlement :

F.6 :

Les petits actionneurs mobiles indépendants (ou PAMI) doivent respecter les mêmes contraintes de construction et de sécurité que les robots (BAU, évitement, laser, sac pour batterie lipo,...).

F.5 :

Système d’évitement d’obstacles : Les équipes sont tenues d’équiper leur robot d’un système de détection des robots adverses. Le système est destiné à empêcher les collisions entre les robots pendant un match. Ce point sera systématiquement vérifié lors de l’homologation.

H.4.f :

• système d’évitement non fonctionnel : perte de 30 points

autrement dit, oui, d'autant plus si cela est répétitif
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I would suggest NOT to constrain the robots to avoid the PAMIs. (But still constraint PAMIs to avoid robots and other PAMIs)

Here is why:

- last year was focused on letting teams develop their base, and adding a rule to avoid 6cm objects will force modifications of this base.

- PAMIs can start between second 90 and 100. So they can choose whether they take the risk to meet other robots or not. They will still have 10s to reach their goal.

So robots don’t have to be modified to avoid small and fast 6cm PAMIs, and teams can decide at their own risk to start PAMIs while robots are still moving.
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Beyond the technical complexity for robots to avoid these ladybugs, they are very difficult to distinguish from plants for many avoidance systems.

Robots should therefore have systems that would make them avoid plants between 90s and 100s!

Furthermore, the rules encourage teams to equip themselves with avoidance systems using the QRCode placed on the opposing robot. This is not the case for our team, but such a constraint would break these very interesting solutions.

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Any collision must be avoid since so many years! I don't know what to reply!
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Ok, so maybe just say that PAMIs can move between second 100 and 110 (not from second 90).

- Same impact on match duration

- Do not really impact PAMIs behavior (that still need to avoid each other)

- Easier to track PAMIs activation time

- Easier to understand from the public

- Remove robot-PAMI collision issue

- Do not remove 10s of match for the very vast majority of teams

- Do not ask teams to diferentiate plants and PAMIs in their avoidance system (which would be very complex and just block many robots during many match, and reject a lot during homologations)
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