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when a team starts with two robots and a basket, how are the points for estimation counted?

1. points estemated by robot1 + points estimated by robot2 + points estimated by basket


2. points estemated by robot1 + points estimated by robot2

In case 2. is a communicate between the robots and the basket allowed ?


Michael (Team Dynamics)

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Good afternoon!

After concertation, the display can be done on all items with addition of all points.

Nothing in the rule forbids the communication between the robots and the basket, so it's allowed.

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The "OR" logic is ambiguos, even more for programmers as "A or B" is also true when both A and B are true. i.e. "robot or basket" can be understood as "both of them is okay too".
Should probably be explicit on the rules.
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we change the rules to ease the counting, you can do the both.
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