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Hello dear organisers. I have some clarifying questions.

In D.7.b. ACTIONS AND CONSTRAINTS section Constraints subsection 7 item indicates that the basket has the following dimensional constraints:
– Maximum depth: 222 mm.
– Maximum width: 450 mm.
– Maximum height: 430 mm.

But also we have the following information from approval sheet in section additional constraints subsection Basket first item:

- Width ≤ 22.2 cm;
- Length ≤ 45 cm;
- Height (not deployed) ≤ 30 cm (and during the match,
can be deployed up to 90 cm).

As we can see, the height dimensions are different. Which one is the correct one?

And what about these phrase "can be deployed up to 90 cm"? It is new information which was not presented in the rules document.
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[Unofficial response] That's a legacy statement, from 2020 and 2021 rules, that should have been erased. The rules document is the reference

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The measurements in the rules are the right ones. There might be some mistakes in the approval help sheet. Thank you for pointing them out.
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