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Original: https://www.eurobot.org/faq/354/how-high-up-do-we-need-to-deposit-the-cherries

Just to double check, if our basket design was a box, we would be able to deposit cherries into the side of the box (which is say 80mm off the ground), as long as the cherries move/roll into an area which is retrievable from a height of 300mm (such as the box not having a roof).

Also what classes the cherries as "easily retrievable" at the end of the match? If you cant directly see them, but can rotate a cherry "chamber" and then they drop out would that be considered easily retrievable?

Thankyou so much! (sorry for having to ask twice!) laugh

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The cherries have to be moved above 30cm.

They can, however, be transported by the basket itself (see details in other posts)

The "easily retrievable" part means that it should not take long to retrieve the cherries, to avoid delaying the next matches.

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See Victor's comment
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