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On page 12 in the rules, it mentions basket constraints it says:

"Access of the cherries to the interior of the basket must be done above 300 mm in height from the level of the playing field"

Does this mean that if we create robot to deposit cherries it HAS to raise them 300 mm before depositing into the baskets? Or does it just mean access to the cherries at the end of the match comes from 300 mm above the playing field (so the basket have to have an open roof)?

We are confused as we think having to raise the cherries 300 mm before depositing is very hard surprise



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Good afternoon,

You can do as you want to deposit the cherries inside the basket, the only constraint is that the entrance of the basket in which the cherries must end up must have an opening at least 300 mm high in relation to the floor of the playing area (an open roof can do that). Youcan shoot it, you can raise it by the robot or by a system near integrated inside the basket, or any other solution you can imagien.
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Thankyou, that helped a lot! heart

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