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The basket needs to count the cherries in the basket and this amount is then shown on a display in the basket.

How is the estimation of the points done? Is the number of cherries (each cherry is worth 1 point) added to the estimation from the robots (Estimation Robot 1 + Estimation Robot 2 + Cherries from basket is summed up)? Or does one of the robots need to add the points from the cheries to its estimation (eg. only Estimation Robot 1 + Estimation Robot 2 is summed up, the number shown in the basket is only used to check if the 5points for correct counting can be given)?

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Good Evening,

The estimation is done by the robot on all the point made by the robots during the match, so its include the point made with the cherry and the basket. You maybe have to find a way to transmit the point made by the basket to the robot...

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