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Can you specify the material used for the cake layers? There are many different types of PUR foam boards, some are very expensive.

A reference link, just like for the vinyl, would be very much appreciated.

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Good evening,

the material specification are on page 40.

For the foam boards, it's precised :

Polyurethane foam board - Printed monomeric gripping vinyl; The cake layers can be composed of multiple layer of glued foam board

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I know this section. The monomeric gripping vinyl seems to describe the printed foil that is glued to the cake pieces. I was looking for a specification of the polyurethane foam. There are tons of diffeent foams out there, all with different densities and prices.
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The foamboard we use for the rules development is "Carton Plume" from Canson.

We highly recommend this one, but you can use a whatever type of foam board you want.

There is no guarantee that this specific  type of foam board will be used in regional or national events.

Best regards
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Thank you very much for the precised information!
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