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Hello there,
I was wondering if it would be possible to interchange each team fixed beacons positioning in order to give the teams a chance to get a better coverage of the play area.

I think that the fixed beacon being as close to the basket is unnecesary because the teams can use a camera inside the basket to cover their safe square and would rather have a better view of what the other team has on its safe square.

This way, counting with the fixed beacons, a camera in the basket and the main tower the general overview of the state of the match may be improved.

If this change is a lot to do, maybe to exchange the positions of the tracking devices in the central tower so that you can see the other team area easier could be a nice tradeoff.

Thanks in advance for your attention

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Good evening,

We choose this configuration of fixed beacon support because the previous years we do the opposite (as you ask for) and getting some trouble.

The fact that they are 2 beacons on the opposite side of the table can create the case when the 2 beacons are hidden by the opposites robots, then the team robot is lost on the table (we had this case twice last year), it can be done volontarily by the opposite team as anti-game (we had this case last year too).

Another problems is the installation of the basket and a beacon of opposite team in the same area of the table, and with a short time of preparation could be difficult for some team, and with a risk of accident in case of bad handling.

So for all this point, the beacon position will not changed this year.
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