Hosting the Eurobot Final

The Eurobot Final takes place in Europe, and since 2005 the hosting country is different each year (Yverdon-les-Bains -  Switzerland (2005), Catania - Italy (2006), Heidelberg - Germany (2008), Switzerland - Rapperswil (2010), Astrakan - Russia (2011)) even if it regularly comes back to its native town La Ferté-Bernard - France (1998-2004, 2007, 2009, 2012-2013).
Only National Organizing Committees can host a Eurobot final. If you are not a National Organizing Committee please contact the local committee from your country to build a project with them, or contact the Eurobot association to set up a National Committee.

You will have first to send a letter of intention to the Eurobot organization and give details on

- your organization (presentation, organization committee, previous experiences for contest organization)
- practical information on the event (date, communication, planning, activities aside the contest)
- contest site and available infrastructure (a general description of the needs and expected figures (number of teams and public) will be shared)
- Budget plan with details of possible partners and sponsors

The Eurobot executive committee will then work with you on your candidacy.

Hosting a Eurobot national qualification

If you are interested in hosting a Eurobot qualification, please contact the national organization committee.

You wish to become a national organizing committee?

Please send a brief presentation of your organization and motivation to the Eurobot Association which will discuss and share the rights and obligations of the NOC with you and study your candidacy. Please note that the organizing structure can delegate the organisation to a subcontractor… as long as it respects the spirit of Eurobot (friendly atmosphere, event fully open to public, no commercial use of Eurobot brand, etc.). And NOC / organisers must be independent from teams, or at least guaranty they offer all teams the same equity.